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CVS Health Promotes Tobacco Cessation as the Pharmacy Chain Stops Selling Tobacco
September 3, 2014

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County is gearing up for their event at CVS to thank them for their recent choice to remove tobacco products from their shelves.

The partnership had originally scheduled this event for October 1st, which was the original date CVS stated they would stop selling tobacco products. However, CVS pulled tobacco products a month early and as of September 3, 2014, no longer carries any type of tobacco product. The SWAT Students and Partnership members plan on taking thank you letters and signage to all local CVS stores in Highlands County.

CVS Quits for Good

A representative of The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County contacted CVS in Sebring to make sure their tobacco products were already gone and to get an idea of their thoughts on this big step that CVS has taken.  She was met with excitement and received a confirmation that all local CVS no longer had any tobacco products. 

“We have gotten a lot of compliments and many people are so very happy about it,” said Debbie, CVS Store Associate. “We’ve been tobacco free since September 3rd.”  Debbie also admitted that there have been several people that had no idea CVS had made this choice and were upset, even though it has been all over the news for some time now.

In an article published by CNN on September 3, 2014, “The sale of cigarettes and tobacco at CVS pharmacy stores ends today,” said Larry Merlo, president and CEO of CVS, in a video statement on the company web site. “By eliminating the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products in our stores, we can make a difference in the health of all Americans.”

“Taking such a huge stance for the health of our county is a statement that sits very well with the Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County. Our youth are even realizing the impact that this could have on tobacco sales not only from CVS, but also for any retailers that may also choose to do this in the future," said Amanda John, Community Health Advocate for Quit Doc Research and Education Foundation. Stay tuned for media in our local paper and in our next quarters newsletter for pictures and comments on this TFP and SWAT initiative.

For information on the work of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County, please contact Mrs. John at