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Tobacco Free Partnership Sponsors Drug Free Highlands Annual Big Night Out to Promote Prevention Issues
December 5, 2014

Quit Doc Research and Education Foundation and the Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County has continued their excellent partnership with Drug Free Highlands (DFH) for the past few years. The DFH Director and Chairman play an active role in the Partnership, the groups host a dual PAC (Positive Action Club) and SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) club, and also support community wide events that the Partnership and DFH host.

This quarter the Tobacco Free Partnership had the opportunity to sponsor Drug Free Highlands first annual Big Night Out red carpet event that was held during Week of the Family. Hosted at the Circle Theater, this event was a great opportunity for families to get dressed up in semi-formal wear and have a unique red carpet experience in Highlands County that promoted family togetherness and fun! The Circle Theater was all decked out with decorations and its feature presentation was the popular 80’s movie, Big. Families enjoyed refreshments, the show and their quality time spent together. For a first annual event it turned out very well and Drug Free Highlands anticipates hosting this event next year as well. “Promoting positive family traditions and communication was at the center of this event,” says Aisha Alayande, Director of Drug Free Highlands. “We wanted to stress how strengthening families encourages youth to make healthy decisions.”

"It was great to get dressed up and experience the "big city" excitement of a premiere complete with photos and red carpet," said Jackie Rawlings, Chairperson for Drug Free Highlands. An event like this in Highlands County is very rare and with over 40 people the first year, it is likely that number will double next year.

Quit Doc was proud to be a sponsor of this event and will continue sponsoring this event in the future and remain a strong supporter of the work that Drug Free Highlands does for Highlands County.

Drug Free Highlands
Left to right; Larry Moore, Monica O’Neil, Jackie Rawlings, Wendy Amos, Aisha Alayande
Pictured here are a few of the masterminds behind the creation of Drug Free Highlands’ first annual Big Night Out.

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