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Tobacco Free Partnership Sponsors Drug Free Highlands Red Carpet Event
November 14 , 2015

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County sponsored Drug Free Highlands’ annual Red Carpet Event on November 14, 2015. This was the second annual event, which boasted many of the children and families in Highlands County. The classic movie Lion King was shown at the authentic Circle Theater in downtown Sebring, and there were lights, glitz and glam! It was a genuine red carpet experience, complete with red carpet, paparazzi style photography, and children and parents dressed to the nines.

This is the second time The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County sponsored this event, and definitely will not be the last. “This family friendly event is a perfect addition to Highlands County community-wide events, it does a great job at attracting community members, it brings a sense of family togetherness, and is such a positive experience for families. The mission and vision aligns perfectly with that of the Tobacco Free Partnership and we are so proud to sponsor an event that is not only about family, but also about a safe, drug and tobacco free environment for everyone,” said Amanda John, Community Health Advocate with QuitDoc Foundation. “We are able to reach hundreds of people with our message through this event, and we will do whatever it takes to promote a tobacco free lifestyle and sponsoring this event in the future is definitely on that list!”

Red Carpet Event

Aisha Alayande, Director of Drug Free Highlands, the rest of the staff at Drug Free Highlands, and all volunteers that made this event possible should definitely be given a pat on the back. The ambiance was blissful and preshow included a comical welcome from Larry Moore, CEO of Moore Performing Arts, and a jungle inspired dance from Dance Unlimited.  Every tiny detail made this experience even better, from intermission performances, to the theater inspired popcorn bar, there wasn’t a thing overlooked!

“I think the event went very well… people walked away understanding the importance of family communication and what Drug Free Highlands does in the community. They were able to take the information from the Tobacco Free Partnership and ask questions about the resources that are provided. One woman was really happy that the Tobacco Free Partnership was there because she wanted to quit smoking and by helping one person we consider that a success,” says Alayande, Director at Drug Free Highlands. “Thanks to our relationship with the Tobacco Free Partnership and their sponsorship, the Red Carpet Event was a huge success. The Partnership and Drug Free Highlands strives to empower family so that they make positive choices when it comes to mental health and substance abuse. We definitely accomplished our goals at this event!”

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