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The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County Continues its Community Education and Outreach
March 4, 2016

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County had a busy beginning of 2016 with two Tobacco Free Worksite sponsorships. The Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet, gathered over 250 employers and business leaders in Highlands County and recognized their achievements over the year.  The Highlands County Tobacco Free Partnership decided to sponsor this event because it would give them the opportunity to network with a multitude of business leaders and provide them with information on the benefits of employer cessation and tobacco free workplace policies.

With the sponsorship, came an opportunity to decorate a table for further exposure and of course bragging rights. “This was the first year that the Partnership decided to sponsor this event so we went in not knowing the extent of what table decorating meant,” Said Amanda John, Community Health Advocate for QuitDoc Foundation.  “This was obviously, a challenge that some people looked forward to every year and take VERY seriously.” The QuitDoc and Partnership table went along with the Chamber theme, which was celebrating 100 Years of the Sebring Chamber. There were cards made with a $100 grand candy bars that read “Save your business $100 grand by changing your tobacco policies.” Or “Save yourself $100 grand and don’t smoke.”  There was also a list of 100 things to do in Sebring other than smoking.

“While our ideas were clever and went along with the theme, we did not win the contest, BUT next year we are bringing our A game now that we know what to expect!” Said Amanda John. “I really thought the dry ice smokey effect would have won the judges over, but there were just so many other tables that went above and beyond. I can’t wait until next year, it was a great way to bring exposure to the Tobacco Free Worksite goal area and now have a list of people will be meeting with to discuss policy change within their workplace.”  Said Amanda John.

The Highlands County Fair is a community-wide event, where the TFP engaged and educated specific populations around the goals and objectives of Tobacco Free Worksites. It took place over 8 days in Highlands County and includes fair rides, an exhibit hall, livestock show, and more.  The Highlands County Fair captured employers and worksites from all over the county, and what better reason to sponsor an event than that! The employers were provided with information on the benefits of employer cessation and tobacco free workplace policies. For nine straight days, Partnership and SWAT members talked to people about the benefits of changing policies and encouraging employees to quit smoking. At the conclusion of the event, the TFP had a list of numerous businesses that were interested in learning more.

“I would say that this was a very successful sponsorship, maybe even the best one yet, just because the enormous amount of people we reached with our TFW messages.” Said Amanda John. “Both sponsorships were a great success and brought the partnership many great contacts. We are looking forward to making many policy changes in the future and a better, healthier Highlands County. “