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The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County is Working to Expand Breathe Easy Zones
November 14, 2017

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County coordinates tobacco prevention efforts throughout Highlands County. The primary goal of the group is to create local tobacco-free policies.

Such policy change does not occur overnight. There is a huge educational component that is required to foster policy change. The Tobacco Free Partnership conducts a wide variety of community outreach and educational programs designed to explain the importance, and the need for new, stricter tobacco free policies.

The Partnership works on the following policy initiatives in Highlands County:

The partnership has had multiple successes in these areas and this year has decided expand its efforts with the creation of Breathe Easy Zones within organizations and extending to community events. A breathe easy zone is a simple way to create a healthy environment for the  people around you. This small step can create such a large impact, can initiate change within your community and can facilitate the initial steps to a more comprehensive tobacco-free policy within businesses, parks, sports complexes, and mulit-unit housing facilities in Highlands County.

Are you tired of your child being exposed to secondhand smoke while attending family-friendly events? Are there certain areas in Highlands County that you think would benefit from a Breathe Easy Zone? Are you an organization looking into creating tobacco-free policies? Scared to take the plunge? Start with Breathe Easy Zones and work your way to a more comprehensive policy. Breathe easy zones are a great start to a healthier atmosphere and community.

If so, the Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County can help! Come to our meetings and/or join our email list. We are looking for community input and support, and you can help!

For more information, contact Amanda John, Community Health Advocate for QuitDoc Foundation, at