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Highlands County SWAT Holds Modified Summer Program Due to COVID-19!
September 8, 2020

The SWAT Chapter of Highlands County held its third summer program in June and July. The summer program has progressively gotten larger, however COVID-19 put a slight damper on things. Instead of being able to meet face-to-face, the meetings took place virtually and it was hard to have a consistent number of members.

The main focus this year was electronic cigarette education and plans for a new school year. SWAT youth and advisors met via zoom call every Monday and Tuesday initially, but then decided once a week was a better option.


“This was definitely not what we anticipated, but just like everything else that’s up in the air, we made it work. We were able to do fun icebreakers, and continue to educate our SWAT members on electronic nicotine delivery systems,” said Amanda John.

There were also plans made for park clean ups, tobacco prevention holidays and a yearly SWAT Chapter meeting.  The summer program was an awesome refresher for SWAT members and they are looking forward to wonderful things this fall…assuming COVID doesn’t continue to run rampant and cancel events.


In addition to the summer program, the SWAT clubs participated in SWAT recruitment events at two middle schools during open house. Again, the open houses weren’t quite the same, which meant the SWAT students had to come up with a new plan. Since the open houses were drive through, two SWAT students and an advisor handed out membership forms and held signs up in hopes of recruiting new members.

If you are interested in more information about The SWAT Chapter of Highlands County, contact Amanda John at