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The Tobacco Free Partnership will Continue in Highlands County with QuitDoc Foundation as the Fiscal Agent
June 8, 2021

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County is dedicated to the creation of tobacco-free social norms through a combination of community education, youth advocacy and changes in local tobacco policies. The mission of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County reflects the goals of the CDC’s Best Practices, especially in regards to changes in local tobacco policies to create and promote tobacco-free social norms.

Currently the partnership focuses on counteracting tobacco marketing at the point of sale, tobacco free worksite policies, reducing tobacco use in rural communities and Students Working Against Tobacco clubs for middle and High School.

Since 2012 the Partnership has been facilitated by QuitDoc Foundation and during this time there have been many successful policy achievements and tobacco educational opportunities in Highlands County. Some of the biggest achievements include a flavored tobacco ban in Avon Park, Sebring and Lake Placid, several tobacco free worksite policies at some of the largest businesses in the county, 4 smoke free multi-unit housing policies, a Tobacco Free Event Policy at the Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce and a policy that designates Breathe Easy Zones at the Highlands County Fairgrounds. In addition to policy work, the Partnership also has given numerous community presentations, including, but not limited to presentations at the County Commission Meetings, local municipalities, and the School Board of Highlands County.

We are very excited to announce that QuitDoc was once again awarded The Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida’s Community Based Tobacco Prevention Interventions grant for a nine-year cycle. We are so excited to continue tobacco prevention efforts in Highlands County and will have more information on what this program will look like in the near future.

If you would like more information or would like to become a member of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County email or visit one of the links below.