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Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County: Crucial for Tobacco Prevention and Education
December 20, 2021

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County, a coalition of community members focused on the prevention of tobacco use, has signed its bylaws, and welcomed several new members at the Quarter 2 TFP meeting.

Maintaining the Tobacco Free Partnership in Highlands County is crucial when it comes to tobacco prevention and education. The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County is dedicated to the creation of tobacco-free social norms through a combination of community education, youth advocacy and changes in local tobacco policies. The mission of the Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County reflects the goals of the CDC’s Best Practices, especially in regards to changes in local tobacco policies to create and promote tobacco-free social norms.

This quarter, Jessica Carlson, Community Health Advocate with QuitDoc, filled the gaps in the Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County’s membership. The new faces that attended the meeting included representatives from the Highlands County Sheriffs Office, Representative Kaylee Tuck’s office, the Highlands County Health Department, Advent Health, Highlands Regional and many other key business leaders in Highlands County.

Currently the partnership focuses on counteracting tobacco marketing at the point of sale, tobacco free organizational policies, strengthening K-12 tobacco control policies, and maintaining Students Working Against Tobacco Chapter in Highlands County.

In addition, a main focus this year will be working with the Highlands County School Board at strengthening current electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) policies and providing signage. There are seven SWAT Clubs in Highlands County and with the education and support they provide to their schools and peers, and a stronger ENDS policy, we are hopeful that this will assist with combating the vaping epidemic.

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County is facilitated by QuitDoc Foundation. Learn more at To learn more about the Partnership or to get involved, visit