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Highlands County Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) Chapter Shares Information at the Highlands County Fair
February 28, 2022

Highlands County SWAT Chapter participated in the annual Highlands County Fair in February 2022. The Highlands County Fair took place over 8 days in Highlands County and included fair rides, an exhibit hall, live-stock show, and more.  It captured community members, business leaders, youth and parents from all over the county, who were provided with information on the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure, the vaping epidemic and the importance of tobacco free events and venues.

The SWAT youth displayed other educational items such as “Mr. Gross Mouth,” and “Mr. Dip Lip,” which were a big hit! In addition, there was a large SWAT graffiti poster hanging and fair goers were encouraged to help decorate the poster and sign their pledge to not use chewing tobacco.

In addition, the SWAT Chapter also helped raise awareness about tobacco-free events by hanging breaths easy zone signs around the perimeter. The SWAT Chapter and the Tobacco Free Partnership of Highlands County has a goal this year of moving more private event venues towards adopting Tobacco Free Event & Venue policies. By reaching this goal, the TFP & SWAT Chapter would be helping these private organizations do their part by protecting the health and safety of their attendees, as well as ensure the cleanliness and integrity of their property.

For more information on the Tobacco Free Partnership, SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco) or Tobacco Free Events & Venues, contact Amanda John, Program Manager at or Jessica Carlson, Tobacco Prevention Specialist at